This is one of those things, well, there are a couple that I think I wouldn’t try to do myself, this is one of them. I love the different DIY projects that you can do when you look at rustic weddings.

And I have always been like, if you are going to be doing rustic then you might as well do it yourself. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the supplies, or if you are really like, wow, this is the most amazing whatever then I am all for buying it. But one thing that makes me is a little bit like, i’m not sure if this will turn out as good as I would like are DIY wedding invitations.

Now, that has changed, there are a lot of sets and things out there but, the whole idea of printing something that formal at home always seemed a little iffy. But thankfully there are a lot of options that help here. And just because I am for buying the rustic wedding invitations from a professional printer that doesn’t mean that I am not all for customizing the invitations once they are in my hands.

So that is what I wanted to look at with your today, you know customizing them for the maximum in value. Ready?

Rustic Wedding Invitation Styles

Before we look at the style aspect, it is important to note that there are lots of wedding invitations that you can pick with different rustic country styles. Just like the wedding itself there are plenty of different directions that you might end up going with and that means that you will in most cases find the right invitation for the wedding. But I wanted to look at what options you have when it comes to getting the most from the invitation, instead of being like, wow I didn’t know that you could have them with birch or that have mason jar invitations.

Oh, I am not saying that these are the only styles that you can go with. That is the fun part of rustic weddings, you can really do a lot and personalize the whole experience to suite your tastes, and that is really what I think is the best. That ability to change the different pieces to get what is fitting for your whole opinion on what makes a nice wedding experience.

That is the same reason why I love blogging about rustic wedding trends and DIY projects, they never get old and you can keep changing them to fit your style.

Speaking of style, what are a couple of the most common style of invitations you can find?

Well, laser cut is coming on strong now, and while I would love to go into that there are only a couple of sites that really offer the nicest designs when it comes to laser cut.

Sure they are cute, and I mean the detail is like, wow, but I think for doing them yourself that might be too hard.

I tried to see if you could find some sort of machine that can laser cut, I am not sure if there are any out there.

Wedding Paper Divas has some of the best ones that I have seen. The difference between the ones you can find on the Divas’ site and places like Amazon isn’t that big. The major main thing that I noticed is that the under print on Divas is that they offered more unique options. So it is just up to you, and I’d say that it is a matter of taste. But that really does go through as a style per say which is why I mentioned it but didn’t actually give it full attention.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a big part of the whole rustic wedding scene. And I would hazard to say that they are just as big a part of the invitation.

There are a lot of reasons why it is used in different ways. I can’t imagine a rustic wedding without them. They give a lot of character to the different things that go along with the celebration, like the reception and stuff. But they also have a lot of representation as mason jar wedding invitations.

To be honest I am a little conflicted here. I mean they are great, but I think that they are a little overdone when you use them on the wedding invitations.

Mason jars are rustic, that is why you see them in decorations, as tea lights and what not. But to print them flat, that is a little lame, they need to be felt to fit the wedding.

I will agree that some of the designs that you see, specially the ones that are more realistic look alright. And if you like them then you really should use them, but all things can be overdone.

Don’t wear your mason jars too thin, or they will end up leaving less impression when your guest are back home.

In all fairness, they made the list because without them the list would incomplete.

Burlap and Lace

Yay, burlap with a touch of lace. This is another standard when it comes to rustic wedding invitations. When you see some of the options you have available, you’ll realize why they are so popular.

There are two main styles that come in here. The first one is what you would expect. These are flat printed invitations that are all decorated up with burlap and lace, they are of course pretty affordable. You can get these on all the big shops. Some have better options than others, but when you look in their rustic category you will find fitting options for burlap invitations.

Of course that is one option. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could find the same thing, but instead of the printing you could actually have real burlap?

I thought that you would be pleased. There are actually invitations like this. They either do the whole base as a type of burlap or they can add it in the form of belly bands and such. The same goes when they use lace in the design of the invitation. They are pretty nice, but the price is also a little bit higher than the straight printed options.

For me there really isn’t any other option than the second one, but for many people they might thing that the price difference is too great, then in that case you could go with the simplified version.

If you do, then you will want to keep reading. I have a couple of ideas that make customizing the simpler versions of the invitations so that they have more in common with their more expensive counterparts.

String Lights

This is another one of those standards that you will find in a lot of different peoples wedding celebrations.

It might seem logical to put them on the wedding invitations too, but then if you over do them here the rest of your decorations might feel too orchestrated. I mean, when you see the same designs and imagery everywhere starting with the invitations the wedding will feel a little artificial. The thing about rustic weddings is that you want to make things feel organic.

OK, maybe it would be better to say something like, natural. That’s it.

When you capture a natural, realistic feel for the wedding you can be sure that your guests are going to be taking away a lot more than some memories about well placed decorations.

If you really want to add them to the wedding, and I think that string lights are great I have them in my living room, then it is better to use them in the decorations not on the rustic invitation.

Now, on the other hand some of the imagery of this type of design isn’t bad, and it is actually a good idea to use it on the invitation itself.

Many of the different illustrations your see for this type of invite is the tree. Trees are great when it comes to rustic weddings.

A rustic wedding can really be highlighted by the use of the environment. And a tree or two is a great way for the message of unity, longevity, and eternal love to be carried over.

This is something that is also harder for you to add to the wedding or reception, since its, yeah, a tree.

Here in the city I haven’t really seen a lot of weddings that have been using trees as a focal point. And while I know that they are all over pinterest they just don’t lend themselves to a rustic wedding in our party of the country. And while I know we have plenty of them, have you seen a wedding in the park? I thought so. That is exactly my point.

That is why I think the designs with vintage trees or in general the old tree work well. They also work for the customization tips that we are going to look at just in a second.

Honorable Mentions

I know that I didn’t cover all of the different options you have at your disposal. But then again they are, like a million different ways you can shape a rustic wedding. Picking invitations that fit your rustic wedding is something that you will need to do based on the ideas you have made.

Still, here are a few more that I thought you might like.


I wasn’t sure if this was country or rustic that is why I left it off. Actually I skipped the whole floral aspect of the different invitations you can find because I am sort of allergic to flowers and so I don’t have a lot of experience there. But I think sunflower invitations could work with rustic weddings. Also as centerpieces.

You would just have to see if they are going to be available when you plan the wedding. I’d say in late Summer or early Fall. Which is also when I would suggest that you use them on invitations. It would be sort of dumb to add them to an invitation for a Winter or Spring wedding.

Wagon Wheels, Barns, and Horseshoes

The same goes for these, they feel a little bit like all things that would work better for a country wedding rather than a rustic one. But still, I am sure you could make it work. There are some examples of these types of elements being used in rustic weddings on The Knot.

You just have to see if you would be happier with them as decorations or invite designs.

That is something that many of the different options end up boiling down, too.


OK, I really should say that this deserves more than an honorable mention. The entire boho look is just amazing. It has brought a lot of fresh ideas to the rustic wedding. And the different ways that it can be twisted and turned make it really great. You can go antique and vintage, or you can just go all tribal. The dream catchers make a great touch.

It also works because just a little bit goes a long way. You can use a couple of the trinkets as designs on the card and then at the same time add similar ones to your decoration repartee.

Unlike the other options that we’ve looked at the invitations that have a bohemian look really capture the modern rustic well.

Maybe I should turn this into a full post but that would have to wait for another day.

Right now we will end with a couple of……

Customizing Ideas

The ideas here can only be incomplete. I need to say that now before you’re like, hey she didn’t say you can. Just because I don’t say it doesn’t mean you can’t do that with you invitations. The same needs to be said about the ideas that I am going to share with you. Just because I said you can doesn’t mean that you have to.

One of the nice aspects of a formal invitation is the band that holds it together with the other cards. But they are expensive for just a slip of paper. How can you make your own?

Adding Bands

There are a couple of different ways you can make your own bands. They will help you make the most of the invitations that you buy, allowing you to easily give them the finished feel that you want without taking away from the rustic character you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

  1. Since the whole point is to tie things together I think that this can best be done with well string. In our case twine. But it is the same thing. We just need something that fits with our topic and makes the whole thing look finished. Before you run out and start tying the invitations together, remember, our goal is to make a band. That means you can’t just wrap it around the card once and call it finished. Wrap it around the card and RSVP and whatever else you plan to send about three times. Space the string out about an eight of an inch so that you get about a half inch of coverage. The band should end so that you have the two ends in the front. Then make a nice bow out of them to tie it all together.
  2. Ribbon can be used in the same way. When you pick out a ribbon that fits with your invitations you can finish the rustic invites off so that they make a big impression when the recipient opens the envelope. You should just make sure that the ribbon isn’t so thick that it leaves a bulge on the outside of the envelope. This could lead to problems getting them sent. Pick a broad ribbon that is relatively thin for the best results.
  3. Then there is the burlap options. Like with the ribbon you will really want to pick something out that is thin. There are some pseudo burlap ribbons at the craft store that you could try or you could look online. The results will vary if you pick this approach, but if you don’t want to spend that much on real burlap and lace invitations you can get the same rustic look by adding it yourself.
  4. Speaking of saving on your invitations, one of the most expensive options I’ve seen are the laser cut ones. While they look great, the cut gives them that vintage or antique feel, they could be a little bit cheaper. One idea that I came to that gives you something similar is to use those paper doilies that you put on tea cup plates and fold them around the invitation. There are a couple of those laser cut options that give you something similar. And I like this idea because you also sort of get lace as an added bonus.

Getting more from your rustic wedding invitations is easy if you are willing to customize them after you get the bases printed.

I am sure that I could keep adding to the list, what I am not sure is if that would matter much. You have a ton of ideas here, and I am sure you’re like I got it already. But then I just wanted to make sure you felt like I covered the topic well. There are so many ways you can go with this that it really makes planning a rustic wedding an awesome experience.