Alright, today I am going to look at rustic weddings. A bit ago I posted about how you can make your own mason jar table center pieces for a couple of dollars apiece instead of the astronomical prices they want for them on places like Etsy.

Anyway that seemed to be pretty popular, with some of you sending me messages in praise for the simple yet effective trick to make your own rustic decorations. Really they work great for anything, you could use them for just about any celebration where you want to capture the rustic charm that is so appealing and then combine that with stuff like weddings or showers. Really, just about anything that fits with rustic country.

Of course you see tons of rustic weddings right now. Some of my friends have been planning them and maybe I have been doing so as well in secret. But that is a story for another day.

All in all there are plenty of other ways for you to use different pieces for your rustic wedding so that is the purpose of today’s post.

I thought that I would focus again one some of the things that you can do for tables. I picked this out because, well, the majority of the time you will be sitting at your table during the reception. We’ll look at the dance floor too, but there isn’t as much you can do there. Of course you can choose a venue that gives you a more rustic dance floor, and that is always a good thing since you won’t have to go and decorate the place up as much.

I mean, of course you will want to put some rustic decorations up even if you choose to host the reception in a barn or whatever, that isn’t what I am saying. But the more you need to give out to make the reception venue fit, well, that is money you won’t have for other parts of the wedding. And there are important things like booze which always makes a wedding a success.

Back to making our wedding tables rustic looking then.

Rustic Reception Tables

Unless you are planning to have the reception in some fancy restaurant or something the likeliness is good that you will need to decorate the tables for your wedding reception. And if you are planning to have a rustic country wedding the need to make them fit with your whole concept is important.

I personally think that the tables are one of the best ways to help sell the idea that this is really a country wedding. I mean, this is what will be making the biggest impression on your guests. They will come in, and the secondary decorations, these are the ones spread throughout the room, will be well secondary. They make a nice backdrop, but the ones that will be the most prominent are the ones that they will see the longest.

When I showed you how to make a mason jar center pieces for the table the idea was to use simple techniques to really make the rustic appeal come over with simple techniques that just about anybody can achieve over the weekend.

Well if you have seen the results you will be aware of just how gorgeous those simple old mason jars can be.

The whole thing took like, I don’t know a couple of hours total. And when you really get the feel for it, well if I had to make a ton of them I could probably do it in a day.

Mason jars Revisited

One things that I had wanted to add to the mason jars, if you really want to make a bit bigger center piece I would suggest getting mason jars in all the different sizes. That mean, jelly, pint, quart, and even gallon if you want to go big.

You can then arrange them around one another, sort of starting from the center with the largest and then spiraling out, or whatever you like best.

This staggered look really gives you the rustic touch that you can see, feel, and in the case of a center piece smell.

Rustic Table Runners

Table runners really add the more formal touch, the elegant look and the rustic charm that we’re after when you pick the right material.

I love rustic so much because the materials that are used are simple, they are affordable, and when they are well combined they give you a one of a kind look that really isn’t easy to find anywhere else.

Of course you can do a lot with a table runner but when you submerge it in the environment, you choose things that are fitting for the theme of the wedding you can make a really big impact on your guests for relatively little money. That is of course if you choose to make the table runner yourself.

If this was anything but a rusitc wedding I would be like, ugg, noway. But since it is a little bit different because of the simplicity of much of the stuff you’ll see in the rustic wedding scene. I mean you can go from having the edges of the burlap table runner finished off with lace to the raw edge that I actually prefer. For me the entire rustic wedding scene differs slightly from the more country look that you can find on facebook, instagram and pinterest. Mainly because when you have the country look things tend to be a little more refined, I don’t know how else to say it. That is to say when I often see lace used with burlap my first thought is like…. That looks more like country. Now, I am not saying that you can’t mix burlap and lace with rustic, that is totally doable. But like, I mean you need to do it differently.

For our table runners here, I would just get a couple of roles of burlap which has the edges finished with a nice stitch and then go and cut them to length. It really doesn’t matter if they fray out. You can always just pull the loose threads out and then it will be fine.

Once you have them cut lay them out and do a couple of tests with them.

For the lace aspect what I like to do is go and put a doily or some form of lace throw under the centerpiece. This helps push the mason jars or whatever you choose off the burlap. As you recall I used burlap to make ribbons on the vases. And that really helps keep the two separate. The flowers will also have a nice background to set themselves off of.

Finishing Touches

What we have so far is the table cloth, usually just a simple white one. You can also pick one with a lace fringe if you’re going in that direction but you don’t have to.

Then you can lay down the burlap table runners that we made.

The optional doily that you can place under the center piece then a combo of mason jars with flowers in them. This gives you a nice layered effect that just is like, wow.

But wouldn’t be nice to take the look one step further? Adding the finishing touch to your tables will help make the entire thing feel more impressive.

What I think looks great here, and this is of course MHO, are some fallen leaves or other natural detail and then a couple of glass beads. They will add the extra sparkle and magic to the wedding which is of course exactly what you want.

Wow, this really turned into an indepth post today. But when you love rustic and the idea of a rustic wedding appeals to you the above tips should really help you focus your attention on details that will make a real difference in how the wedding will look over all.