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Alright, so now I am totally focused. I’m like, literally squinting at the screen. But that is only because I sat on my glasses last night and my backup set is really super annoying to wear. I mean, sure I can see but they are from like five years ago and I really don’t know what I was thinking about when I chose them, they are so blah.

But I will survive, just looking all squinty at the moment. When people ask I just tell them I am a Client Eastwood imitator pretending to be an 19yo girl from Portland. That usually straightens them out. Thanks Harry! But in all seriousness I am going to get new ones this week. I will just have to survive until then. That means I am going to have to sit really close to the TV for my two fav shows though. But GoT and TWD cannot be missed. Reruns of either go into the same category as new episodes of anything else.

In other news I am going to start putting some real content together for the site. OK, that means essentially what you are reading but in a longer format. Then you can really take a trip through Kaitlynn’s World. Which is sort of like indescribable. And something that can only be experienced not described.


So, like the hardest part about blogging is coming up with the ideas that you think will be popular. And keeping them coming. I mean, this is where I am right now, I have lots of ideas for the site but I really don’t know which of them to pick.

When I first thought about the site I was all going to put like stuff on here that I thought would make awesome rustic arts and crafts projects.

Buttttt…. Then I realized that if I would only focus on stuff like that then I would probably have something like ten post max. And then the site would just sort of fizzle and like my soda I would hate for the site to fizzle. Anyway, that means that I was going to focus on a variety of different topics. But, I don’t know about you but when the site just focuses on a topic too much you are at first like, yay I found this awesome site and then you realize that there isn’t anything else.

I didn’t want that either.

So I am sort of like stuck between a couple of main topics that I want to focus on, stuff like rustic and country and the sort of thing. Then I was thinking about just going and adding the other topics that I love, crafts and art projects and yeah, things like that in-between when they came up. Don’t know what you think though, so let me know or not, and I will see about doing something like that, kay?

Kaitlynn out!

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