OK! Are you ready to get dirty? I know that you are, the chance to break out the craft supplies is just too tempting. Admit it, you have a box filled will all of your supplies just waiting to be taken out of the closet.

So why don’t you go ahead and take the box out. I’m totally excited about the project we’re going to do today.

The idea came to me when I emptied out a canning jar full of tomato juice that my mom sent home with me into some chili I was making. I always loved mason jars and the thing about them is that you can use them for just about a million different projects.

I am going to show you how to turn them into breath taking wedding decorations. When I say breath taking I don’t mean like they are going to steal your breath or anything. That just means you are going to be amazed at how easy it is to make, how cheap they are, and how gorgeous they look when you’re finished.

Before we get started, I need to apologize about the quality of the pix, they were taken on my table and look sort of crappy. The lighting is a mess and yeah, you can see the mason jars OK but that is about it.

Maybe I will go and redo them sometime so that you get a better look at them and you see just how amazing these rustic wedding decorations can be.

When you make anything you will of course need a couple of supplies. The thing I love about making these rustic mason jars for weddings is that they really don’t take any effort and you need something like three things to make them work.

So here is what you are going to need to pick up from where ever you can find these supplies. I had those craft sites that send you all over or put everything together in a neat bundle and expect you to buy them. I actually had the mason jars at home. So I only needed to pick up the burlap ribbon and the paint, well, I had some but it was white. What I did then was pick up some small cans of different colors and mixed it. That helped me get the pastelly colors you see in the pictures. And you thought that they were washed out didn’t you?

No, you will need some mason jars, this is a must for a rustic wedding so you’ll need these anyway.

Some paint, this is really up to you. You can use just about any color, I think that it would be best to pick your wedding color, or if you must you can pick a few colors that will compliment it. Either way just get what you like, the end results are going to be the same.

Then like I said, you can pick up some burlap ribbon, or I am not willing to pay over $10 for the stuff you can find at our art supply so what I did was take a sheet of burlap and I went and cut it into strips. This will give you a more authentic look anyway since a lot of the ribbons are just dressed up material anyway. But the idea is that it needs to be long enough that you can wrap it around the small part of the Ball jar and make a bow.

You can see what I mean in the pictures.

Now for the instructions on how to make a rustic wedding really pop.

When you go to rustic weddings decorations are everything, they are what set the mood and give it the look that I am gaga about. The thing about them though is that they are really easy to make yourself. And I have seen people on Etsy asking a lot for just a couple of these jar vases that we are going to make and thought that that was crazy.

I mean if I can help you save a couple of dollars making your own mason jar center pieces then, wow, that blows my mind.

And like I said a whole bunch of rustic wedding things are super easy to make. I would go as far as saying you can make just about everything. I mean somebody has to make it right? Maybe I would be a little careful making wedding invitations, but that isn’t because they are rustic wedding invitations. Just that my printer isn’t that great and if I had to print hundreds of cards on it it would probably strike on me.

I have seen some really nice rustic invitations people have made for their weddings on Pinterest though and they even added twine ribbons and stuff. Very cute.

But getting back to the mason jars.

Once you have all of the supplies we’re ready to make our table center pieces. Every wedding reception should have some and the ones for rustic weddings are just mason jars so it is almost too easy.

Do you have all of your supplies at hand?

Now the first thing you need to do is put a little paint in a jar. One at a time and roll and rotate the jar until you get the entire inside covered. Don’t worry if you get a little over the lip, that is fine and I think that it even looks a little bit better.

You can do this in the same color but if you have more than one picked out, work them off one color at a time. Else you might end up with too much to do.

When you get done you should have a pretty good feel for how much paint you need in each jar to get it filled. As you can see I used small jars so I really only needed like a table spoon or so to cover the inside.

Now before we go on. And I need to make this clear, stop.

I know you want to keep going. You’re excited and the whole thing is going so well. Well that is why we stop here.

The decorations for rustic weddings don’t have to be perfect, they do have to be nice and the thing that will ruin your work now is if you get paint on your ribbons.

Mine sat for two days before they were completely dry.

You can just check them once or twice a day. When the paint doesn’t feel sticky when you touch them it is alright to continue.

For the burlap lacey looking ribbons, what I did was wrap the ribbon around the jar and then I doubled the length.

I thought that I would have to trim but when I made big bows the thing looked fine.

Now that is everything you need. That sure beats paying $5 a a mason jar on Etsy. And you will be glad knowing that your wedding decorations got the rustic touch from your crafty hands.

This is the first of a series of DIY rustic wedding decorations I am working on. Did you like it? Do you think it should be improved? Just tell me and I will see what I can do.