Or something like….. Hey, I’m 21! BUt then yay for me. Hey everyone. Kaitlynn here. Today I am going to just share some of my birthday cheer, or is that Christmas cheer with your. In either case I am super happy that I am finally the big 2-1. Not only can I be considered a full-grown adult, yay, but now I can call my self a twenty-something which sounds so much better than a twenty year old. And yeah, now I can get into clubs when some of the local bands decide to preform at a bar. Now the guy at the door will just have to do some mental math instead of surly face thing that he usually does.

So what can you expect to see on the horizon? Hum, I have a couple of great projects I would love to try. Give you that real rustic look.

I mean there are plenty of ways you can, you know make something that has that rustic country feel that we’re all looking for. The main thing that I am going to be focusing on in the next couples of posts will probably be things that pertains to weddings. I see these things all the time, you can look around on pinterest, I know not that creative. You mostly get to see the same five people posting their stuff on there. And I am such a country nerd, it isn’t funny anymore. I have been looking at things mainly because, yeah, I want to completely redecorate my apartment, it has been this way since I moved in around college.

The idea is to give it a rustic touch and that means I am going to go for the standard Walmart idea of what is rustic. No I am going to make the whole thing fresh, rustic can be anything you want it to be. It isn’t that stuffy look where you just take and slap all of the same things together, throw some pillows around and call it finished. They have better options if you want to find real rustic looking stuff at Ikea. That is here in town. The whole assortment is incredible. And I have tons of stuff circled in the catalog but if I can afford like 10% of it, I’ll be surprised. But the nice thing about rustic and country style is that you really don’t have to spend that much. A couple of the bigger things I am going to try and find used, they will have more character anyway. And then just get the finial touches, you know stuff that you can use to dress up the rest of the rustic decor.

This will anyway make the whole place feel more like its put together over time like the rustic really is supposed to be.

I bet you know what I asked for for my birthday! 😛